Frequently asked questions

No. It is not mandatory. You can have any indoor shoes that you feel comfortable dancing with or then even socks in the beginning. Anyhow, with time we suggest that you would buy dancing shoes and we are happy to help with that.

Yes. We have this 2×1 offer for everyone who joins us for the Introduction course. So you can come either, with your friend, partner or family member. Welcome!

Please leave your outdoor clothes and shoes in the changing rooms. There is a couple of lockers too, where you can leave your valuables, but in case they are occupied, better to take them with you to the classroom.

On the 5th floor, we have changing rooms and on the first floor with the main entrance, there are also changing rooms and showers.

You will get the full refund (-minus) transaction costs or you can change your ticket-/pass to the next organized class.

You can come for a replacing class when you have recovered.

We are flexible with this, let’s arrange that you can come for replacing classes next time. In case of a long time absence, please remember to check out the cancellation and refund policies outlined earlier.

To your bank account. Everything is handled through our transactions system. Just let us know about the cancellation in time and we do the rest.